Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boulder Area Rock Climbing Closures

On Sunday, February 1st, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks closed a few local climbing areas to accomodate nesting raptors. The following areas will remain closed until July 31st:

Lefthand Canyon Palisades: All routes are closed.
Mt. Sanitas Ridge: 1st Buttress Only.
Gregory Canyon Amphitheater: Amphitheater Express Trail and the 3rd Pinnacle are closed. The 4th and 5th Pinnacles and the Amphitheater Trail to Saddle Rock remain open.
Skunk Canyon and Sacred Cliffs: Skunk Canyon, Ridge 2 and all areas west of Ridge 2; Sacred Cliffs, south rib of Green Mountain are closed.
North side of Fern Canyon: (Fern Canyon Trail is open): East Ridge, Nebel Horn Ridge, The Goose, Goose Eggs are closed.
The Third Flatiron: all routes, including: The Descent Trail, Queen Anne's Head, W.C. Field's Pinnacle, 1911 Gully, The Ghetto, The East and West Ironing Boards, The Fin, Green Thumb, and Jaws are closed.
Shadow Canyon: Diamond Head: The Matron: all areas within 1/4 mile radius, the entire Devil's Thumb Ridge, Towers of the Moon, Elephant Rock, Jamcrack Spire and Diamond Head are closed. The Maiden is OPEN to climbing with access from the EAST side only.
Flagstaff North: See map
Mickey Mouse Wall: all routes are closed.

Visit the City of Boulder page for closure details on specific areas.

Click here to see an overview map of local closures

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