Monday, January 23, 2012

Ice Conditions: Hidden Falls and Vail

Hidden Falls is in great. I was there on Tuesday (1/17). The main flow is moving towards a mixed line to the right and growing over the rock.

I have been ice guiding up in Vail for the past couple of days and found plastic ice conditions in the Designator Amphitheater. We climbed the Staircase to the Pencil, and Eraser. Staircases is wet and dripping. The Pencil is still growing and fat. The Eraser is trimming down. We also visted the Firehouse area which is still growing and not to chopped out.

HEADS UP on the approach to both areas! I put crampons and harness, helmets on at the start of the steep gullies due to snow covered ice patches as well as troughs from folks coming down at the end of the day.  There has also been some natural falling ice from really warm temps around the Fang.

Joey Thompson
CMS Guide
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