Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SCS Adult National Championships

Boulder Rock Club members and staff dominated at the 2009 SCS Adult National Championships near Salt Lake City this weekend. The women's division saw BRC members Emily Harrington and Paige Claassen taking 1st and 2nd place respectively. That's back-to-back championships for Emily!

BCR route setter Jonathan Siegrist (J-Star) boldly walked into the SCS Adult National Championships with no prior competition experience, roped up, and walked out with 5th place! His showing may have surprised some competition circuit regulars, but the BRC crew knew that he was, and will continue to be, a force to be reckoned with. Jonathan was kind enough to share his thoughts with us on his experience:

"This was my first competition, and I would not have entered had it not been for my friends Emily Harrington, Paige Claassen and the (Steve and Matty) Hong's convincing. I saw it as not only an opportunity to try a totally new form of mental challenge but also as inspiration to train hard through what is otherwise often an uninspiring time of the year. I knew that the field would be filled with experienced and burly climbers, so I did my best to prepare physically, all the while knowing that I would inevitably be unprepared mentally. I performed above my expectations on the 2 qualifying routes and went into finals tied for 1st. About half way up the finals route I came face to face with one of my greatest weaknesses; a massive dyno. Unfortunately my onsight attempt ended with a flailing jump, which although close, proved fruitless. In the mens division, this kind of huge movement is common in comps and admittedly, I was unprepared. In the end I winded up with a 5th place overall from 23 of America's top climbers, so I left content with my first competition performance. Are comps my thing? Not in the same way that climbing outside and enjoying the mountains are, but you can expect to see me at the BCS year finale at the Boulder Rock Club, and perhaps at next years SCS Nationals as well. In that case, you can also expect to see me training for dynos!" -Jstar

Visit Jonathan's blog to hear the rest of the

Women’s Lead
1 - Emily Harrington
2 - Paige Claassen
3 - Sasha DiGiulian
4 - Sydney McNair
5 - Alex Puccio

Men’s Lead
1 - Carlo Traversi
2 - Dave Graham
3 - Ethan Pringle
4 - Julian Bautista
5 - Jonathan Siegrist

Women’s Speed
1 - Amanda Sutton
2 - Mykael Ann McGinley
3 - Tiffany Hensley

Men’s Speed
1 - Ryan Roden
2 - Nic Sutton
3 - Michael Perry

Congratulations to you all, keep pullin' down!

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