Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pulling for Mother Nature

We here at the Boulder Rock Club and Colorado Mountain School are trying to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment.

Here are some of the things that we are doing:

• We recycle all of our ropes and nylon webbing and offer drop-off locations at the BRC and CMS lodge for the public as part of Sterling's Rope Redemption Program. We accept ropes in any condition, from any manufacturer. Once a rope is returned, Sterling looks to their "recycling expert that grinds up, melts down, then repelletizes the nylon so it can be re-made into a variety of items like carpet fiber, telephones, coat hangers, and even children's toys!" Sterling has also partnered with Green Guru, who uses rope sheaths to make products like chalk bags, bracelets, key chains, dog collars and leashes. See what they are up to at For more info on rope recycling, check out the Sterling Rope Redemption Program.

• We use 100% post-consumer paper products in the restrooms facilities at the BRC and at the CMS lodge.

• We reuse and recycle our office paper

• Our route setters use rechargeable batteries, which are recycled when no longer usable.

• We donate old climbing holds to local schools that have climbing walls.

• We practice and teach Leave No Trace ethics when climbing and guiding outdoors.

• We recycle used ink cartridges from all of our printers.

• We encourage carpooling and participation in Bike to Work Day. The next Bike to Work Day is scheduled for June 24th.

• We turn off all of our lights at night with the exception of security lights.

• We have posted single-source recycling bins throughout the BRC and the CMS lodge.

• We serve only organic coffee and tea.

• We run swamp coolers that use evaporative cooling, an energy efficient technique.

• We use compact florescent bulbs where applicable and recycle retired bulbs.

• We utilize skylights to reduce our reliance on artificial lighting.

If you have any suggestions as to how the Boulder Rock Club and Colorado Mountain School can further reduce our impact on the environment, please let us know. You can post a comment here or drop a note in the comment box at the front desk.

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