Monday, September 3, 2012

Guide Gear Review: La Sportiva Xplorer

Recently, I've been out in La Sportiva's latest approach shoe incarnation, the Xplorer. I first heard mention of this shoe from a Sportiva employee after inquiring why they hadn't yet released an updated Exum model. I prefer approach shoes that provide enough cushioning for long days in the Park or trail runs/scrambles in the Flatirons.
The Xplorers are the right kicks for the job. They offer a bit more support in the midsole than the old Exums, while still maintaining a cushy flexibility. The lacing system, which extends all the way to the toe, makes adjustments between trail and technical terrain easy. After a recent outing in Eldo, where I covered a bunch of moderate 5th class rock in these guys, I was pleased with the way that the reinforced toe stands on small edges. Not much of the rollover that is common to other tennies.
Similar to many Sportiva models, the fit is quite narrow and low volume. At a svelte 13.4 ounces, they are some of the lightest fully-featured approach shoes available. Definitely noticeable when clipped to the back of your harness, where they spend a good portion of their day anyway.

With covering lots of ground and climbing many pitches in the Park... my feet, ankles, and knees are thank me for choosing this shoe. Check them out.

Have fun and be safe out there,

Mike Soucy
CMS Guide
800-836-4008 x3

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